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Nick Clegg: The Banker’s Son, The Fag And The Foreigner

by | 20th, April 2010

HAVING branded Nick Clegg the son of a Dutchman – meet Nick Clogg – the Sun says the Tories are “on poll again”. The Conservatives are “back on top”. It’s front-page news. And Clegg is in the firing line. The Tory organs are gunning for him. He’s a toff, don’t-cha-know know? He went to Westminster. His dad’s a banker?

We review the so-called news:

And on the Mirror’s front page, David Cameron is “desperate”, rattled” and leader of an “inept” campaign.

Hey, let’s not play party politics, but if the team on top are running an inept campaign, then what does that say about Labour, back in third place?

The Mirror wonders if “Cleggy” is the “new Tony Blair”. It says Cameron is the old John Major – the “loser”. That would be the working-class loser who fought and won a General Election for the Tories?

What does this make Gordon Brown, who has clung onto his unelected post until the death?

Vote for Clegg and get Brown again warns Cameron.” That’s what it says on the Express’s front page. But, surely, if enough of you vote Clegg enough times you get, well, Clegg.

The Independent leads with “more woe for Cameron”. The Times leads with a picture of David Cameron in a garden, looking green.

And the Telegraph profiles Nick Clegg, stood with his hands in his pockets “looking straight ahead”. He’s at school. Says Sky:

Meanwhile a picture taken of Mr Clegg when he was 16-years-old, in 1983, has emerged in the front of The Telegraph. The future Lib Dem leader was snapped in front of Liddell’s House at Westminster School, a five minute walk from the House of Commons.

This is under the headline:

Nick Clegg is launching an attack on “reckless and greedy bankers” as a school photo of the Lib Dem leader is revealed.

Oh, and did you know that Clegg is not only Dutch – he’s a banker’s son? The Telegraph does:

General Election 2010: banker’s son Nick Clegg says ‘I’ve been very, lucky’

Fag! Get me the Telegraph!

As TV documentary -maker Louis Theroux reveals that he was Nick Clegg’s fag at Westminster, a fellow former pupil recalls the bizarre school rituals

Theroux recalled that his fagging at Westminster involved having to wake up Clegg and present him with the morning paper. “People sleep in different ways,” said Theroux, “And with Nick Clegg, the thing was that he was a very deep sleeper. I would bend over him and kind of push him.”

So much for the words: Here are some more pictures:


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Ed Balls speaks to media outside the Houses of Parliament, London.

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