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Angelina Jolie’s Horror Skirt And Jennifer Aniston Saves A Kitten

by | 20th, April 2010

IS this baby Number 7 for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? The National Enquirer wonders. The story of the story is ringed in red ink: a large dotted circle about Jolie’s abdomen. Is she pregnant?

Well, if she is it’s preferable to the alternatives that she’s putting on weight, wearing a bad skirt?

While we have a heated debate about Jolie’s womb, the Enquirer does as ever it does and shares the Bragelina-themed front-page news with a story of Jennifer Aniston.

News is that Jen has saved her mum. Jen “rescued” her mum. The story goes that Nancy fell and broke her hip and femur. Step forward brave Jennifer Aniston who scooped mum up and ran with her to the hospital, taking time to save a kitten stuck in a tree and donate a few moments of her time to the people of Mexico.

And she also “rescued” the day by offering to pay her mum’s media bills. And we got to hear about it.

And this is epic. You see, mum and Jen fell out when mum wrote From Mother and Daughter To Friends: A Memoir, a book that impinged on Jen’s privacy.

So, here’s the story of how Jen is building bridges with her mum, privately…


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Angelina Jolie appearing in the film Mojave Moon. Half Length.

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