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Pictures: Katie Price ‘Separated’ From Alex Reid And New Home

by | 21st, April 2010

KATIE Price beams from the cover of OK!, her little Desi Arnez and Lucille Ball on her knees, and Harvey to one side. Katie’s face is so soft focused she qualifies as a new form of cloud. The headline says: “KATIE AND ALEX – SEPARATED.”

Inside and Katie says she and Alex Reid are “separated” whenever he is working away from her.

We meet Katie inside her new “BRAND NEW” Surrey mansion. Only, it’s not new. It’s old and been done up in flowers and a collection of “huge, new black-and-white prints” of Katie and Alex. There will b a print on the a wall in “every room”. Sleep tight, Junior. Nighty-night Princess. If that’s not their thing, then there are “teddy bear likenesses of Katie and Alex”.

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Model Jordan body painted as the Ice Maiden, poses for the media during a photocall in London's Covent Garden today December 6, 1998, where she launched the Swatch Christmas watch Sparkling Life, priced at 55. PA Photos.

OK! sits down with Katie and tells her of rumours that she and Alex’s romance is “on the rocks”.

Who would talk idly of separation, and with the kiddies listening (see OK! cover)? Katie says she and alex are real and forever. She is not interested in other people’s lives. She says this in OK!. Says Katie:

“I do not buy magazines. I do not buy newspapers.”

Oh, and she’s not pregnant. Adding, snootily:

“I do not wish to go into detail”.

Adding reservedly:

“It’s fun practising.”

Katie then says that what she and Alex talks about is “private”.

She is “not interested in the tabloid gossip”. Says Katie Price in OK!.

And the wedding?

“Only the people invited will know. All I know is it’s completely different because it’s just family, my family.”

Adding seductively:

“Only the lucky people get to see everything.”

There then follows an exchange:

OK!: “So you don’t want to talk about yourself at all?”
KP: “I’m not interested any more.”

For 19 pages Katie is disinterested in talking about herself.

But rest assured that Katie is living a fairy tale:

OK!: “But you said your fairy tale had died.”
KP: “Did I?…”
OK!: “You said that on I’m A Celebrity…”
KP: “That probably just a saying…”

And on it goes…

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