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The New Samsung 3DTV Is The TV That Can

by | 22nd, April 2010

CAN 3D imropve TV? Can making everything look real make dire telly better more entertaining and informative? Will you dive left or right to save or dodge Wayne Rooney’s shot?

Will Phil Mitchell swing for you and miss? All entertainment can be improved upon with modern technology.

For instance, at Anorak Towers, every time EastEnders comes on, Old Mr Anorak hits us in the face with a remote control. And when Ant ‘n Dec appear we rub a woodland creature and sniff our fingers.

The first 3D TV’s have gone on sale in John Lewis. The new Samsung 40-inch 3D television means you can make your telly even better. No, not what’s on it. The telly. It’s amazing. Get a load of it hanging there on the wall…

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