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Marmite Sues BNP And Hitler’s Tizer

by | 22nd, April 2010

WHAT do you have more: the BNP or Marmite? Not white Marmite – black marmite? A jar of Marmite appears in the top left-hand corner of a video broadcast on the BNP’s website. Says Marmite:

”It has been brought to our attention that the British National Party has included a Marmite jar in a political broadcast shown currently online.”

Hurrah. It’s the best of British!

”We want to make it absolutely clear that Marmite did not give the BNP permission to use a pack shot of our product in their broadcast. Neither Marmite nor any other Unilever brand are aligned to any political party.”

So. Everything that appears in shot means that product endorses the user? Hitler, it turns out, loved Tizer. Just loved it. A the Nuremberg rally, Hitler’s Tizer was airbrushed out of his raised right hand. If you look closely, the Hitler hand is lightly cupped as if holding something. His fans took it to symbolise his grasp of the nation. Tizer knew better.

Says Marmite:

”We are currently initiating injunction proceedings against the BNP to remove the Marmite jar from the online broadcast and prevent them from using it in future.”

In the meantime, Marmite: Idi Amin And My Wife’s Severed Head is available in all good book shops…

Update: advert now removed. The BNP is looking for a milkier spread.

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