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BBC Bias: Richard Bacon, Nick Clegg And A Partisan Press

by | 22nd, April 2010

STRICT impartiality rules at the BBC. Richard Bacon, a BBC Radio Five Live presenter, is on Twitter. He looks at the front pages focusing on Nick Clegg and his bank accounts and sees bias. And this allegation of bias is the BBC lead news story. Yeah, no news form Isreal – even though a missile has apparently been fired at Eilat.

The Telegraph:

Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem donors and payments into his private bank account

And the Sun:

Lib Dems in new donor storm

The Express:

Clegg’s Crazy Immigration Policy [he allows some in]

The Mail:

“Clegg in Nazi slur on Britain”

All good stuff. A bit of bite in moribund debate that we had hoped the Icelandic volcano had knocked off the news agenda. But what says Bacon and BBC TV actor Chris Addison:

Next time the right-wing press get on their high horse about BBC balance, let’s send them this morning’s front pages.

Richard Bacon:

It’s as subtle & delicate as indentifying the notes in the bouquet of a vintage wine, but I’m sensing the newspapers are s****ing themselves

These papers are banging the drum for their man Cameron. But they don’t need to be impartial. They just need to give their readers that their readers want, and expect.

Kitty Shaw sums it up best:

If I don’t agree with that I can choose not to buy or read that paper, I might even like the bias. Its my choice whichever . Simple.

It is NOT the BBC’s job to redress that imbalance.

It is the BBC’s duty to be unbiased.

I have to pay for the BBC, by legal threat of draconian punishment if I do not, just for the right to pay for and to watch or listen to other media.

I have no choice not to buy.

Bias is expected. What is a paper but a collection of opinions. But who sets the BBC’s news agenda? The viewers or the staff? And what can we do to really rebel – vote for Nick Clegg, a new face in sea of fakery.

If you want to know all the views and all the news – you need a news Anorak.

Writers wanted.

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