Anorak News | Leaders’ Debate Pictures: Gordon Brown Fist Bumps For £250

Leaders’ Debate Pictures: Gordon Brown Fist Bumps For £250

by | 22nd, April 2010

THE heated debate was great fun. Nick Clegg – aka Dutchman Nick Clogg – said that for £20 (made payable to N. Clegg Inc.) he’d build you a nuclear deterrent fron a old washing up bottle, some foil and a ‘whooshing’ sound; Gordon Brown promised not to smile; and David Cameron put his hair in a bun. Meanwhile, in Bristol, left-wing protestors fought with the English Defence League. They were all rounded up and sent to Iraq…


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Left-wing protestors are halted by police after scuffles had broken out with members of the English Defence League in Bristol City centre, close to the studios where Sky Television will be filming this evening's second televised leaders debate in Bristol, as part of the election campaign ahead of polling day on May 6.

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