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London Marathon Pictures: Princess Beatrice, No Drugs Tests And

by | 25th, April 2010

A LIFETIME into the BBC’s televised London Marathon and Sue Barker is trailing the Badminton Horse Trials. This is how telly used to be before the BBC closed down with a burst of the National Anthem: patrician, patronising and prosaic.

As for the runners, there are few things more boring that watching people run around, unless they are puking their guts out from both ends under Tower Bridge, pulling off their toenails along with their running shoes or a celebrity.


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Princess Beatrice at the start of The London Marathonin Blackheath, London.

Here’s a question: are celebrities drugs tested before and after they run the Marathon? Do you get tested for testosterone on the course? And where do you get testosterone from: a friend; the Goucho Club; toilet seats?

We spotted the clean celebs at The One. There were GMTV Valium presenters Lorraine Kelly and Ben Shephard. We spotted Richard’s kids Sam and Holly Branson. And there was Princess Beatrice with “BEATRICE!” written on her huge oversized baseball cap – one we’d wager she; borrowed from her with-it cousin Prince Harry.

Also there was Natalie Imbruglia, a Jenni Falconer, former EastEnders mechanic Ricky Groves, a Jo-Emma Larvin, Gordon and Tana Ramsey, and the delightful Dick and Dom, for whom big things await. Also Michelle Ryan, orange flash Michelle Heaton, Elen Rivas, formerly Mrs Frank Lampard, Ricky Whittle and David Cameron dressed as a ginger bread man…

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