Anorak News | Tattooed Mr Michelle McGee Pulled By Fuzz In Wichita

Tattooed Mr Michelle McGee Pulled By Fuzz In Wichita

by | 26th, April 2010

LARRY Keith, 59, has been pulled by the fuzz for wearing a thong to ride his bicycle. Keith is tattooed from head to toe. Keith is a kind of gravity-hit Michelle McGee.

Keith, or north Wichita, is riding a bicycle past City Hall and the Sedgwick County Courthouse.

In Pictures: Michelle McGee’s ‘Wet Pussy’ Tattoo

Wichita police Deputy Chief Tom Stolz say it is legal to wear a thong in public if it covers the genitals and “other body parts regulated by the city’s nudity ordinance“.

Are you body parts regulated by city ordinance? And if they are, do you need a tattoo to prove it?

Sedgwick County sheriff’s Sgt. Oscar Thomasson ssy he nicked Keith “because he unsafely affected the traffic flow by going less than 5 mph on his bicycle on busy Main Street downtown”.

A traffic ticket was issued. But that has been dismissed. Keith says police officers arrived to photograph him and enjoy the scene.

Tattoos – The Tramp Stamp

Keith said, “they should have had me sitting in the (patrol) car in the first 30 seconds”.

Keith says Thomasson ordered him to remain seated on the bicycle by the curb, in public view.

And would you want it on your car seats?

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