Anorak News | Larry King: These Documents Claim He Pretends, Lies, Misleads And Two-Times (Pictures)

Larry King: These Documents Claim He Pretends, Lies, Misleads And Two-Times (Pictures)

by | 26th, April 2010

LARRY King, Shawn Southwick King and Rama King are in the news. Talkshow host Larry King confesses: “I lie – pretend – mislead… I will have 2 or more women going at the same time.” Anorak’s Man in LA reports:

Clearly, Larry King has issues with women.

After all, less than two weeks ago, he and Wife Number Six, Shawn Southwick King, engaged in a race to see who could get to the courthouse first to file for divorce, each reportedly accusing the other of certain extramarital activities.


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And based on documents obtained exclusively by Our Man in LA, Larry is his own toughest critic when it comes to the way he handles intimate relationships. (These documents seem to be authentic. But King or his poeple have yet to comment on their veracity.)

In a bombshell self-analysis written in a spiral bound notebook, Larry critiques himself and seems to psychoanalyze what he does… and why he may do it.

I lie – pretend – mislead.  Equivicate (sic),” the first of ten hand-scrawled pages reads.

“I will have 2 or more women going at the same time.  At least one feels primary.”

Larry’s journal-type notes continue:

“I have secret compartmentalized little worlds I keep away from each other… Don’t look at consequences operate under false pretenses.”

The first page of the rambling self-analysis bears the headline “My Pattern with Women.”  It reads like a psychoanalytic soliloquy.

A copy of Larry’s critical look at his own love life was presented as evidence in a legal battle between him and former fiance Rama Fox.

According to the very revealing legal documents associated with the case, Larry began a physical relationship with Fox back in January of 1991, while still married to wife No. 5, Julie Alexander. He and Rama split in early 1994.

Rama Fox, as pictured on one of her websites

Fox currently sells real estate in Southern California, operates a courtroom witness training company, and according to her Facebook page, she’s “been a model, taken big cats on television, remodelled (sic) homes, hosted a radio talk show” and a lot more. She’s even been a minister in the “Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness.”

In 1996, Rama Fox and King got into a legal tussle.  She, claiming they’d had an oral agreement, under which King would reimburse her for any lost income she suffered due to the demands of their relationship. He, claiming she didn’t lose money because she didn’t really have a job while they dated. Besides, said Larry, he lavished her with something in the neighborhood of a half-million dollars in gifts and travel and cash.

In deposition for the case, King lost his cool when the attorney for Ms. Fox produced the journal-type document.

This is written by me, for me,” King told attorneys, according to a transcript of the deposition obtained by our Man in LA.

The CNN host continued that the notes were “written in a park in Houston, in which Rama said, ‘Get in touch with your own feelings, write something down and keep referring to it by yourself  It’s only yours for you to keep.’”

“I have no idea how you have you have it,” King scolded Fox’s attorney. “It’s the inner-deep most feelings of a person trying to get a grip on his life, a very generous, nice, caring person.  These are his private papers.”

Not so much any more.

The Rat Pack is still working its way through the documentation of Larry & Rama’s legal war.

Expect more information about it later, including details of the $400,000 check Larry sent Rama, then stopped payment on, then re-sent as a “marital transfer of funds” made out to Rama Fox King.


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