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Motorist Wants £100 To Return Wheelclamp

by | 26th, April 2010

BRENDAN Tully, of Daubhill, wants £100 from the DVLA to return the wheel clamp he tied to his wife’s Fiat Pinto.

The car was parked on wasteland near his home and untaxed. He has not told the DVLA that it was off the road. Clampers stuck a Denver boot on the car and demanded £1000 to remove it. Mr Tully scrapped the car for £60.

Says he:

“They were claiming £100 to take the clamp off my wife’s car, so I think I’ve got every right to claim £100 from them to get their clamp back. I’m prepared to go to prison for this. That’s how much of a bug I’ve got about it.”

The clamp is owned by NSL. They have reported the matter to the police.

It’s the moral maze, readers. Who wins?

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