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Will The Sun’s Fear Or Labour Smears Win The Election?

by | 27th, April 2010

HAVING blasted Gordon Brown and the Labour Party for resorting to the politics of fear, the Sun leads with this gem of a line:

“Tories and top businessmen warned a coalition would plunge the country into chaos.”

As the Sun has said:

Labour’s miserable campaign is like a plane spiralling to the ground. But that is NO excuse for them dealing in fear…

No. What we need is, er, consistency.

Of course, the Labour Party says they want to talk about politics, banging on about “substance”, and how on this matter they are tops.

But should Labour lose, they will blame the Tory Press, and in doing so they will imply that the readers, the great voting mass, are too thick to get their wonderful words and only listen to tabloid lies.

Who gets smeared and insulted the most: the parties or the electorate?


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People wearing masks of Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg on Abingdon Green, London, to preview a race involving six greyhounds who will represent each of the leading six parties at a race at Wimbledon Stadium on Friday April 30th.

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