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Nick Clegg Curries Favour With The Parodists

by | 27th, April 2010

NICK Clegg is championing and rejoicing in the British Curry awards. It’s 2008, and Nick Clegg is humble LibDem front bencher. The Croydonian notices the hair. It looks like he’s been shagging on the sofa in front of Neighbours. It connects with the young. But Anorak can’t help but notice the style.

The more you see of Clegg the more formulaic he appears.

First up he is able to pad out the most mandatory face to minutes of chatter. Clegg would make a good local radio DJ, easing his way through glitches in the weather bulletin and traffic updates. Press “1” for Clegg and insert the theme of the talk into the slot.

Clegg then hops from foot to foot. Clegg. Clogg. He bumps his own fist. He does the motions well. You know…

This is the election, of course, that no-one will win. But the parodists may yet have something to stick to with that nice Mr Clegg…

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