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Labour Lose Laura Moffatt To Croydon Tories

by | 28th, April 2010

TOM Chivers, the Telegraph’s man on the hustings lists the top 20 seats David Cameron’s Conservatives must win from their rivals to take No.10. Of course, this is nonsense. These are just the top 20 seats the Tories think they can win given past form.

Anyhow, at target number 2 is Croydon, which the Telegraph tells us is a seat occupied by Laura Moffatt. Might this be the same Laura Jean Moffatt who was the Labour Party’s Member of Parliament for Crawley from 1997 until 2010?

You know, the one with the tattoo reminding her of her slim majority:

Having told my sons never, ever get a tattoo, I decided to get one. It’s a good reminder, and it’s a bit of fun. The number 37 also means more than when your majority is in the thousands – it focuses attention.”

The Telegraph has now amended its page. But do the people on the ground know..?

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