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N-Dubz Dappy Does Meow Meow: Cocaine Dealers Amazed

by | 28th, April 2010

NOW that meow meow, aka mephedrone is illegal, here’s a picture of “vilethreatening N-Dubz front man, Pob look-alike Dappy, snorting the stuff following a gig.

The best bit about the Sun’s picture is that Dappy is said to be “hoovering” up the plant food through a rolled up bank note. He is in a “grimy back office”, and not on a yacht or swanky penthouse or any other super slick venue where you take real cocaine.

Meow meow is billed in the tabloids as the cheaper alternative to cocaine. But given that Dappy is a popstar and using an actual bank note – although it might be Greek fiver or one of these – meow meow seems to be a drug in its own right.

The Sun reminds readers that meow meow has been “linked” to 27 deaths. Unlike actual bona fide cocaine which has led to thousands of deaths, many from gunshot wounds.

Dappy would like you to know that does not “endorse any of our fans taking it”. Not because it’s not good. No because it’s linked to deaths. But because it is illegal.

Dappy is described as “grinning”…

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