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Katie Price Knows That Only the Rich Get To Be Kirsty Allsop

by | 29th, April 2010

KATIE Price or Kirsty Allsop? A period piece or period features? Allsop of the TV Allsops, is upset that Katie Price is using Junior Pete and Princess TenaLadyMeee (aka Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez Kidz) to flog her clothes:

“She might as well just put her children up a chimney to earn some money. They have no chance in later life of leading private lives. By making them famous, you are removing their right to make that decision themselves.”

Kristy waited for her sister Sophie to reach puberty and beyond before introducing her to the telly. Allsop is daughter to Charles Henry Allsopp, 6th Baron Hindlip and former chairman of Christie’s. Dad’s a pal of Prince Charles. Her kidzz are called Bay Atlas and Oscar Hercules.


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Katie Price leaves the May Fair Hotel in London.

Says Kirsty:

Actually I think that’s why I like breast-feeding Oscar so much – it’s a great excuse to sit down and watch telly while doing something else,’

Kirsty, who has a nanny and a housekeeper, says:

“I am a working mum of two, with two stepkids and a partner who has a very busy job himself.”

The point of telling you this is that Allsop is in. The sane all want the best for their children. Allsop not only knows what’s best for her kids by what is best for yours, and in this instance Katie Price’s.

It might be best that your kids are born Muslim, Jewish or Catholic. It might be best that your kids get a paper round, watch lots of telly or learn German. Allsop is posh, so she is able to bring her children up as she sees fit and it pretty much doesn’t matter. The posh are in. The rest of us need to do our best to make our money. We need to fight to pay school fees, struggle to push our children on through education and work and hope that hard work and fortune help them to do well.

The world of the elite is closed to most of us. Most of will not leave school with only rudimentary qualifications and score a job on Country Living and Food & Homes magazines, as a young Kirsty did, nor work at Christie’s. The rich, the connected and the posh get those jobs with ease.

Katie Price can stick her children in clothes to flog gear because if she didn’t someone else’s kids would do it. Why not her own? Nepotism rules, eh, Kristy.


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