Anorak News | Madeleine McCann: Kate McCann’s Suicide, World Service And Catholics

Madeleine McCann: Kate McCann’s Suicide, World Service And Catholics

by | 1st, May 2010

MADDIE WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann – Kate McCann’s death, suicide, three years of looking – three years of watching the parents – Facbook trolls and pain…

SKY News: “Kate McCann: I Thought Of Dying To End Pain”

Kate McCann is on BBC World Service. The world listens as she says:

“I used to have thoughts like we’ll get wiped out in the car on the motorway. So it would just happen, we’d all be gone, and the pain would be away… But what I do know now for sure is that I don’t want that.”

Kate McCann will not commit suicide – read all about it! The story of a missing child is the story of a family’s survival. Once it was the story of Robert Murat’s survival.

Madeleine McCann: Three Years Of Watching Kate And Gerry McCann In Pictures

Daily Mail: “Gerry McCann breaks down as he tells how hunt for Madeleine ‘is shaking his Catholic faith’”

Choking back tears, she told for the first time how she had wanted her life to end but insisted she had never contemplated suicide.

But she did contemplate dying, right?

It was just so painful and it’s just so hard to describe, that heavy, suffocating feeling day in day out, that pain of missing Madeleine and anxiety for her.

Back to the story: looking for Madeleine McCann. Says Gerry McCann:

Early on we couldn’t think of anything else but the worst case, where everything was negative, that she’d been taken, abused and killed and dumped, or maybe left seriously injured and dumped out in the freezing cold.

Pictures Of All The Madeleine McCann Suspects

And not just early on. Mr McCann should read Esther Rantzen’s open letter to him and his wife.

I can promise you we could think of almost no other scenario. Of course, that scenario is still possible… but there is no evidence of physical harm to Madeleine. As parents, we can’t accept she’s dead without absolute evidence of that.

Not much evidence of much at all. So. The facts. What are they, and how can they help the child to be found?

Madeleine McCann: Watching The Parents

Says Kate McCann on leaving his children unguarded in a foreign apartment to go out with friends. They paid a heavy price:

It just felt so safe, subconsciously, that was the restaurant for the apartments where we were staying. I think it took me 37 seconds to go back to the apartment. The fact that I didn’t have to consciously think, ‘Is this right or is this wrong, is this safe or is it not?’, implies that I thought it was totally safe. I had a flashback recently of that, of me and Gerry just holding each other and saying ‘We’ve let her down, we’ve let her down’, just because we weren’t there. I would never in a million years have anticipated something like that.

Why do we need to know this? The parents are innocent. No charges. Are we just watching the parents when we were supposed to be looking fro missing child? Says Gerry McCann:

If anything, prior to this, I would have said Kate was overprotective.

Er… Kate McCann adds:

If this was a murder inquiry there’d be an active investigation because they’d want to find the perpetrator. But as it stands we have a perpetrator who’s still at large and therefore puts – potentially puts – other children at risk, and we still have a missing child.

Spread the fear. Our Maddie – it could be you. Most likely it won’t be because a child going missing on their own is rare. But it might be…

News Wires: McCanns welcome child alert system

“We very much welcome this new initiative and we hope that a truly integrated European alert system can now be developed and used to combat child abduction,” said the McCanns in a statement. The first hours after a child goes missing are crucial and if such international co-operation stops just one child from being abducted, then all the work involved will have been worthwhile.”

The Scotsman: “Kate McCann: I fantasised we would all be wiped out in a car crash”

Madeleine’s father, Gerry, said: “Madeleine, we’re still looking for you. Tell someone who your mummy and daddy are, who you are.”

The broadcast has meaning. Is she listening?


FURY erupted last night after Facebook refused to close a group poking fun at missing Madeleine McCann.

Who’s furious? A conspiracy? Says Anorak reader Bat E Bird:

I’ve just been on FB and one of my kind souled ‘FB friends’ (who I sort of know from the old days from the dark side forum) has posted the link to the group to ask everyone to report it. If I hadn’t been asked to report it, I would never have know what it was called and I wasn’t bothered enough to go and look. Anyway, I didn’t know what the “Hate group” was before but I do now. It’s called “F*ck Madeleine McCann, we need to find Wally!”

It’s just someone taking the piss with status messages like ” The McCann’s revealed today that they have spent £1,000,000 in their search for Maddie. I assume that includes the tenner they decided not to spend on a babysitter.” and ” I have become a fan of Madeleine McCann on Facebook, so when she comes up in my news feed I can “Hide Madeleine McCann”…. Again.”

OK, it’s not in particularly good taste but who would have known if it was kept quiet? Who found it and told the Mcs anyway?

I’m sure there are loads and loads of bad taste groups you can join but does it matter that much if you haven’t seen them?

BBC: “Madeleine McCann parents say some don’t want their daughter found”

The story so far:


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