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Jack Tweed, Jade Goody, Emma Watson A Rape Crisis

by | 2nd, May 2010

JACK Tweed, widow of Jade Goody, is not a rapist. This is a fact verified in a court of law. Jack Tweed might be a gormless pillock or a sex god. Form your own opinions. But he is definitely not a rapist. So, what to make of the NoTW’s story:

My hell as I told Mum ‘I’m girl in Tweed rape’.”

In it, readers get to hear the words of the young woman who claims Tweed and his friend raped her. She is the “pretty student”. Her looks are relevant, apparently. Tweed did not shag a munter, rather he had consensual sex with a pretty young gel. Phew!

We do not get to hear her name. But maybe we would have had Jack Tweed gone down for a crime he did not commit.

The girl spoke out after a jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Monday took just 12 minutes to acquit Tweed, 22, of two counts of rape and property developer Anthony Davis, 26, of one count of oral rape.

Is 12 minutes fast? It sounds fast. It sounds as if there was not a heated debate. Says the woman:

“A friend called and said, ‘Have you heard? They’ve been found not guilty’. I cannot tell you how shocked I was. I felt really let down by those 12 random people who spent less than 15 minutes deciding something so important.

“After I had hung up on my friend, I sent a text to my dad saying, ‘That’s an absolute joke’.”

The thing is this: why are we being told? Jack Tweed is not a rapist but it seems very much as if the stigma of being accused will hang over him. Is his life damaged?

The NoTW says the woman is “no wannabe WAG”. And, er, Jack Tweed is not a footballer. He’s a slack-jawed former Mr Jade Goody.

She resembles beautiful actress Emma Watson and is a hard-working college student.

All relevant facts, readers. All facts admissible in the tabloid court. Says she:

“What was scaring me most was if I didn’t do as they wanted it would turn nasty. I thought the quicker I can get this over and done with, the quicker I’m going to get out of here in one piece.”

Tweed is given no right to replay. And Tweed is innocent.

The NoTW ends by saying:

NO payment has been made for this interview. Instead a donation has been made to the charity Rape Crisis England And Wales.

But there was no rape…


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