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Moscow’s Blue Bucket Heads Round Up The Usual Suspects

by | 3rd, May 2010

IN Moscow, a bunch of demonstrators are walking about with little blue buckets on their heads. They want to protest at officials breaking traffic rules. The blue buckets are the new police. And they look like our police – albeit with the official nipple blunted and flattened.

The buckets are supposed to look like blue lights, which the pen pushers of state have stuck on their cars. They flick on these lights and, as if by magic, they can do as they please. The flashing blue light renders you immune to the rule of law. Everyone should get one as a hat.

Murder? No problem. Just press the switch on your blue hat. Burglary? Easy peasy. Maim several people at a crossroads. F-lick! *

An associate of Anorak was in Moscow a few weeks back. Having already met an aluminium magnate with whom when he went to shake hands and missed – this “billionaire” had no fingers on one hand – our hero boarded the mini bus and then when it hit traffic looked on as the driver mounted the pavement and drove along it at 76mph.

* The blue bucket hat does not work for eyeryone, and you may, like these people pictured, find yourself arrested and sold as traffic calming measures, aka sleepign polciemen…


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