Anorak News | Bankers Awed And Humbled By BBC Election Speculation

Bankers Awed And Humbled By BBC Election Speculation

by | 7th, May 2010

BANKERS are today waking up to the realisation that the country is much changed. City workers are furious – and a little bit impressed – that the media is now the most speculative British industry.

Says one Goldman Sachs worker:

“I thought our predictions based on the flimsiest premises and half-baked statistics were irresponsible but watching the BBC’s election coverage has brought it back to me just how far the City has to go to catch up with a Jeremy Vine.”

Says Richard Treet of British Unity City Traders:

“The sooner the media is more regulated and made to stop gambling with the simple job of reporting a fact the better off we will all be. The complicated future and options instruments pumped out to the public are an affront to decency. Weneed to return to an older man or attractive younger woman sat behind a desk announcing the results.”

Back to the studio for a heated debate with the big swinging dicks…

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