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Is KFC Promoting Low-Fat Insect Eating In London?

by | 12th, May 2010

KENTUCKY Fried Chicken’s Leicester Square branch is not just about good chicken – it’s about flies, a mouse and cockroaches. KFC is nothing if not innovative. KFC might well be champion of entomophagy. The Double Down looked to be pinnacle of good eatin’ But add some protein-rich insects and it just gets better.

Good news for slimmers and anti-fat campaigners, you might suppose, as the fat content of the average KFC bucket is reduced – health inspectors even found one Gillian McKeith’ cockroach eating a chip. But the official have frowned on the novelties and fined KFC £19,000.

One question: can you get a halal cockroach?

Note: KFC has now refitted the eatery. No, not with a mouse wheel, but with soap and more…

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