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Michael Jackson Death Hoax: Dave Dave Is Jacko And Cynical Scepticism

by | 12th, May 2010

IS Michael Jackson alive and billing himself as Dave Dave? No, not David Cameron and his clone Nick Clegg. This Dave Dave is a 33-year-old New Yorker born David Rothenberg. When Dave was six his father poured fuel on his face and set him on fire.

Michael Jackson 1980-1990

Dave Dave went on to star in his mum’s book. He then met Michael Jackson at Neverland.

David Rothenberg changed his name. In 1996 he told us:

Determined to lead a normal life, David Rothenberg studied at the University of California at Los Angeles and will go to a New York film school next year to pursue a directing career. I feel wonderful, and that’s basically how I live my life,” he said.

Michael Jackson’s Funeral

“I don’t look back and say, ‘Oh, I’ve had a lot of pain,’ because that doesn’t do me any good as a person.” In a first step toward breaking with the past, he has changed his name to, simply, Dave.

“All my life, I’ve been categorized as David Rothenberg, the little burn kid. But I finally wanted to identify myself,” he said.

Michael Jackson 1990 -1999

Fast forward to the death of Michael Jackson and claims Dave Dave is Jackson. So much for being your own man, Dave.

Souza and Mo run the site. Together they are the “Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators”.

The Sun’s Jenna Sloan gets in touch. In an exchange of emails, Souza asks for the copy to be non-mocking, factually correct and for the Sun to prove that it is not “tabloid trash”.

Mo tells The Sun that she is 41. In the story, Sloan says Mo is 40. Says Mo:

“At first we started investigating Michael’s death as it was a gut feeling we both had.

The media told us two different stories. reported he died six minutes before the doctor pronounced him dead, and CNN kept telling us he was in a coma. What really happened still remains a mystery.”

Lawyer Brian Oxman, says:

“I have spoken to Dave within the past several weeks, and he is doing well. He is going to school in Utah, and he is studying to be a lawyer. I can assure you that while Michael Jackson would be thrilled that Dave would become a lawyer, Michael Jackson never wanted to be a lawyer himself. He would shudder at the very thought.”

Michael Jackson Pre-1980

As with all conspiracy theories, if you believe in it – if you believe that you are in the know and can smell the truth that others cannot – it is unlikely you will be swayed by anyone outside your group. Sure, you are as blinkered in your own desire to be right, but, then, you know the truth.

You will pick bits of evidence that support your theory – however small – and overlook the welter of evidence against.

Don’t be a cynic. Be a sceptic.

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Michael Jackson 1980-1990


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A young Michael Jackson, circa 1971

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