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The Girl Aged 8 Lied About Rape For Sweets, Apparently

by | 14th, May 2010

AN eight year old girl says he was raped by two ten-year-old boys in Hayes, west London.

At the Old Bailey, Mr Justice Saunders says:

“This case with two very young defendants brings with it unique difficulties and problems.”

He’s not kidding. The girl now says she made it up to avoid getting into trouble for showing her bits to the boys, and them showing theirs to her.

She made it up. And it went all the way to court. And parts of the media are wallowing in it. Paul Harris, of the Mail, tells readers:

Cuddling her teddy Mr Happy, a girl of 8 tells court how two boys aged 10 took it in turns to rape her

The name of teddy adds a sense of bitterness to the story. We are being invited to make a judgement.

She was eight years old and cuddling a teddy on her lap. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail and it flicked around the back of her pink and white T-shirt as she spoke. In different circumstances, this might have been a little girl making her first appearance on a primary school video – shy, slightly nervous, and probably hoping to say all the right things.

So she made it up. Well, maybe not. The trial continues. It’s was one boy’s defence asking questions that garners her apparent confession:

Linda Strudwick, defending: “Did you ever tell your mum it was not you but it was [the boys] who took your knickers down? You didn’t want your mum to think you had been naughty?”

Girl: “Yeah.”

Chetna Patel, representing the other boy asks if the boy raped her.

Girl: “No.”

Mr Justice Saunders, asked what the girl had been worried about.

Girl: “No sweets if it [sic] found out I had been naughty.”

Who’d envy anyone in this case? But the case should not be shaped by the media…

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