Anorak News | Update: Ashley Cole, Lucy Phillips’ Gents Watch And Cheryl Cole’s Support Network

Update: Ashley Cole, Lucy Phillips’ Gents Watch And Cheryl Cole’s Support Network

by | 16th, May 2010

ASHLEY Cole and the blonde toilet girl update: The blonde called Lucy is Lucy Phillips, 26, and Ashley “charmed Lucy into the gents toilets before they kissed ­ according to a friend”. It was May 2, and Cheryl and Ashley were estanged. The Sunday Mirror has the scoop.

To recap – Ashley Cole is the six-times FA Cup winner, the only player to win the Double with two clubs (great pics) and one of England’s few World Cup champions. He also managed to pull Cheryl Cole. (Hurrah!) On the other hand, he’s an alleged love rat. (Boo!)

Back to Lucy and her being, reportedly, “charmed” by Ashley Cole. And what is more charming than a gent’s toilet at a club called Swanky? Answer: Ashley Cole.

Lucy wrote on Facebook:

“Just seen Ashley Cole in a toilet cubicle, how random, what a midget.”

The story then becomes a bit disjointed:

Lucy said: “I was walking past the guys’ toilets when I saw a big group of blokes gathered round. I looked in and saw Ashley Cole holding court, and I went in.”

Did he charm her with his group? His size? His medals?

She says that frisky Cole “tried it on with her”. But she “laughed it off”, telling him she wasn’t interested and, after a few minutes, she exited the toilet.

Having entered the gents – an event she later wrote about – she tells us that she was not intersted in Cole? Anyone else having trouble keeping up?

Lucy later removed her post from Facebook, but the story was out there. Says she:

“I’m not the sort of girl who goes after footballers. I am very embarrassed by all of this.”

What sort of girl does go after footballers? A girl like Cheryl Cole? Lucy adds:

“I definitely didn’t kiss him – I would remember if I had. I’m not like that at all.”

And then this:

“If Ashley is trying to make out that he is heartbroken then he shouldn’t really be going to places like this because most of the blokes there are after one thing.”

Lucy goes there not for the one-track minded men but for the fine conversation and for a whiff of the gent’s loo?

“If I was Cheryl Cole and found out that he’d been there on the pull so soon after their split I wouldn’t be happy.”

Thanks Lucy. Yours is a public service for the ‘nation’s sweetheart’. Although Cheryl might be less happy if Ashley were on the pull before they split… Allegedly:


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