Anorak News | Boy Has Stick Removed From Eye Two Years After It Got There

Boy Has Stick Removed From Eye Two Years After It Got There

by | 16th, May 2010

RAHUL Devi has a 3-inch splinter stick in his eye. It’s been in his eye for two years. He got it there when he fell onto a stick. The stick pierced his brain. The Daily Mail calls him Rahul.

CNN-IBN says his name is Varun. Dr PS Chandra, Associate Professor, Neurosurgery, at the All India Institue of Medical Sciences, says:

“Splinter was lodged in a very dangerous location through left eye into temporal lobe. It was very near the main artery that supplies blood to brain. It is a miracle how he managed for two years without any problem.”

Without any problem? At what point does a splinter become a stick? Four inches? Five? More? As for being without any problem, the Mail says:

After two years, Rahul could no longer bear the pain…

Rahul, aka Varun, aged 11, has had the splinter removed by media in Delhi. It took six hours. You need to heat up the pin and wait a while.

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