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Lindsay Lohan In Public Spat: What Would Linda Lovelace Say?

by | 17th, May 2010

LINDSAY Lohan is on her way to Cannes. She’s going to play Linda Lovelace in a biopic of the “Deep Throat” porn star and wants to tell one and all. And she’s been in a – oh, the irony – public spat.

As Our Man in LA notes:

But she took a time-out at LAX for a quick one-on-one interview with the folks at (relevant side note: they’re owned by the same guy who runs “Millions of Milkshakes,” on Santa Monica Blvd. where Linds has made multiple paid appearances).

And she is no fan of TMZ. Lohan says people who make negative noises and do negative things get bad karma. In Hollywood, you reap what you blow.


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The latest story goes that karmic Lohan tried to get New York Ranger skaters Aaron Voros and Sean Avery thrown out of a club called 1Oak and tossed a drink over Voros’ model girlfriend, Jessica Stam.

Bad karma, indeed. You waste drinks, you may one day got thirsty.

Lindsay threw a fit because she wanted to be at their table near the DJ. But she claimed she didn’t want to sit with Aaron and said, ‘He’s my ex-boyfriend. I don’t want him anywhere near me.’ Voros denied knowing her. A drink then flew in Jessica’s face, and Lindsay demanded their table be moved out. Club bosses refused and tried to calm her down. Stam, Voros and Avery were shocked but didn’t retaliate, and Lindsay left shortly afterward.”

No TMz video. But without the gossips , you just get the puff:

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