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David Cameron Dot Com Is Nick Clegg’s Joker: Cam’s Tech Horror

by | 20th, May 2010

SPARKINGLY on-trend our new Prime Minister may like us to think he is – so it is distressing to discover that David Cameron has failed to buy up his .com domain name. The result of this oversight is that – which at first glance looks like a Cameron blog – is now in the hands of a non-fan of the PM, one Reza Sorbati (of north London).

The opening two lines of the site’s most recent post are representative of the hostile tone:

“Ashcroft and Clegg help Cameron hobble to power. The electorate get a LibCon Coalition which is jeered into Downing Street on a sad day for democracy.”

Nor can I be certain that is owned by the PM. The site claims to be a “gateway to sites on the Internet for [sic] david cameron!” But it appears to be a gateway to unrelated sites, such as those for cheap international calls or a new political party called… New Party., too, is just another gateway.

It’s astonishing that our Old Etonian leader ignored the internet while flourishing his fountain pen over self-tributes to his savviness and YouTube-ness. You’d think an online reputational presence de rigueur these days. I’d have expected at least his Tory spin doctor Andy Coulson to have mopped up the domain names for his boss, y’know, just in case. But perhaps this confirmed workplace bully and somewhat absent former editor of the News of the World was distracted by all those Guardian pieces calling for his resignation.

Still, Nick Clegg is not much better. is owned by …

Madame Arcati

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