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Mobile Phones Give You Brain Cancer Like Edward Kennedy

by | 22nd, May 2010

SCARE Story of the Day comes via the Mail and the Telegraph: mobile phones give your brain cancer, possibly.

A WHO report is spotted by the press. The sub-editors get to work:

Guardian Mobile phone study finds no solid link to brain tumours.
BBC No proof of mobile cancer risk, major study concludes.
Independent Mobile phones do not raise risk of brain tumours, say scientists.
Daily Mirror‘No proof’ of mobile phone cancer link.

So. It’s clear. Mobile phone do not give you brain cancer, probably. The BBC writes:

Analysis of more than 10,000 people by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) found no relationship between years of use and risk.

There is no known biological mechanism by which mobiles could cause cancer, but there has been public concern.

It is hoped this study will allay some anxieties, as research continues.

Meanwhile, over in the Mail, the same research gets a different twist:

Mail Long conversations on mobile phones can increase risk of cancer, suggests 10-year study.
TelegraphHalf an hour of mobile use a day ‘increases brain cancer risk’.

The Mail:

Prolonged use of mobile phones over many years could increase the risk of cancer, scientists have found.

However, a landmark study by the World Health Organisation into the safety of mobiles is expected to stop short of concluding that they definitely cause cancer – because the evidence is not conclusive enough.

Conclusion: readers of the Mail and Telegraph more likely to get cancer, possibly.

The story keeps going in the Telegraph:

Mobile phones: Is there an epidemic on hold? – The world’s most important study into the dangers of mobile-phone use raises serious worries, writes Geoffrey Lean.

It’s a curse:

And yet, despite all this, one worrying finding did emerge. The heaviest users of mobile phones – on them for a total of 1,640 hours, equivalent to just half an hour a day over 10 years – were 40 per cent more likely to get glioma, the brain cancer that killed Ted Kennedy.

Teddy was always on the blower. He was probably on it when he drove into the creek and Mary Jo Kopechne died. Mobiles kill.

Edward Kennedy Funeral

Spotter, And

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