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Drink Campaigner Banned For Drink Driving

by | 22nd, May 2010

JOHN Garton, chairman of Stopping Trouble and Nighttime Disorder (Stand), is banned from driving motor vehicle for two years on account of his being caught driving while under the influence.

If only more people took the time and care to drive home after a few drinks the buses and trains would be much safer places. There would also be less assaults in mini cabs.He was nabbed at 1,15am.

Mr Garton has been testing the worth of barrels of ale at the Skipton Waterway Festival and drunk one pint of “strong ale”.

Says he:

I have been punished by the court and have beaten myself up about what I did.”

Had he made his way home on foot most likely he’d have been beaten up by yobbos high on hooch. We make a Stand in what ever way we can…

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