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Ronan Keating And Francine Cornell: Pictures And Love And On Your Knees

by | 23rd, May 2010

DID you know that Ronan Keating is “in love” with Francine Cornell, the blonde backing dancer now pushed to front stage centre? Lara Gould, Simon Wright and Dean Piper tell Mirror readers that the Boyzone singer with the uber alles hair is “in love” with Cornell and has been seeing her for seven months.

The paper says Cornell chucked her boyfriend of three years Nick Robbins for Keating, perhaps because cheating is wrong and Cornell wanted to see only one man at a time?

Nick’s father Royston explains in a commentary rich in detail:

“…He took her all over the world on holidays. She moved into his Chelsea flat and he helped her career…The last time I saw her was at a birthday dinner my wife and I attended with Nick and her a few days before they went off to Portugal. It was at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant in London…

“The next thing I heard was that she had told him, in front of all their friends on holiday, that she wanted to end things. It was October 25, Nick’s 30th birthday.”

Fetch the knife, the fork and the spoon and stick them right in.

“Nick was really upset. But he wouldn’t have a bad word said against her.”

Good-oh. Anyhow, Ronan is “in love” with Cornell. And love will triumph:

He is “besotted” with Francine – who he met during last year’s Boyzone tour – and even considered leaving his wife Yvonne to set up home with her.

All facts. And it is beautiful.


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Writing in the Irish Indy, Niamh Horan draws a tableau of love in its purest form:

Yvonne had met her on countless occasions when she hung out with the band and their dancers backstage at gigs and tour after-parties.

At one stage Yvonne had even seen the woman gyrate with her husband on-stage. In one of band’s typically raunchy routines, Francine would wrap her stocking-clad legs around Ronan’s waist and hold onto his neck as they smiled excitedly into each other’s eyes and danced to the beat of the music. But according to Ronan it was all an onstage act. They were just showbiz colleagues and good friends, he swore. Anything else was pure speculative nonsense.

Nonsense, indeed. As Ronan Keating once said:

“I would give up everything in the morning. I would walk away from all this if it ever affected my family. That is the God honest truth.”


“Yvonne is my life. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for her. My kids are my world. I would die for them.”

Fair dos. But when love strikes, as the Mirror says it has, the heart and body follow. Ronan and Francine have dialled Destiny on the sex phone. The NoTW has more:

Talking to a friend, the Boyzone star also revealed he has told lover Francine Cornell, 26, there is NO chance of them becoming an item.

But the love..?

Today he is flying home to Dublin in a desperate bid to make up with his wronged wife Yvonne – but she has told pals their marriage is DEAD.

But what of the love?

And the friend added: “There will be no relationship with Francine, that much is clear. Ronan is not that stupid. Francine is not going to become his girlfriend.”

How stupid Ronan Keating is heated debate. But what says the Star’s Jonathan Corke?

RONAN Keating will “beg on his knees” to save his marriage.

The Express agrees:

In Dublin today, he will to try to convince his wife of 12 years to take him back.

Save your breath, Keating. Fiona McIntosh has news:

So cheeky chappy Ronan Keating isn’t looking so chipper now. Yvonne has told him the marriage is over. Finito. No second chances.

Says Fiona Phillips, one blonde who has not shagged Keating:

I was just getting over the Mark thing, but Ronan? Not the Ronan I’ve known for years? Not the Ronan who made you feel family was everything and that decency was well and truly still alive and kicking? …What are we supposed to do now that Ronan, of all people, has gone and strayed?

We muddle on. We fill a column. We draw a bath and scrub hard with wire wool. We wonder what his wife is doing for dinner and if Francine is ready for her close up in FHM..?


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