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Project Prevention Offer Eugenics On The Cheap

by | 24th, May 2010

DEBORAH Wilson claims she was offered £200 to be sterilised. As she exited Glasgow’s Possilpark Health Centre with her nine-year-old son on Friday, figures approached.

They introduced themselves as members of Project Prevention, a US group that wants drug addicts to be sterilised. Not that PP calls them addicts. They are “paid clients”.

The main objective of Project Prevention is to reduce the number of substance exposed births to zero.

The eugenicists are among us. If you take the money from the group run by a Barbara Harris, you will not have children. Even if you recover from you addictions you will not have children.

She and her group are now in the UK.

Say Wilson:

“As we left the health centre I saw three ladies coming out of a car and they told me there was this new scheme, offering £200

“Then I saw a bit of paper in her hand and it had drug addicts written on it.

“I’m not a addict. I think I was approached because I was in the Possilpark area – it’s a well-known area for drugs – but that’s where my doctor is based.”

She goes on:

“I’m very hurt and angry that someone could approach me in the street and ask me those sorts of questions at all, let alone when I had my nine-year-old with me.

“I asked her to leave me alone but she kept going on and on so I had an argument with her and got on the bus to go home.

“My son knew they were asking me questions, and he asked me what it meant to be sterilised.”

It means more chips for you. And it is what some Britons want. On the website, there is talk of “hundreds” of emails from British fans:

Brett writes:

Just seen this on the news, brilliant. I had to deal with this issue as a teacher and it enraged me. I hope you are successful in the uk and not defeated by the liberal urban elite who seem to dominate our country with their wishy washy half hearted solutions to our deep social problems. I have made a donation.

Says anonymous:

I am a child protection solicitor for a County Council in this Country. All i want to say to you is THANK GOD for project prevention! Congratulations in coming to the UK. I get tired of hearing about drug addicts rights whilst children suffer, who under the \” drip , drip\” effect of neglect suffer death, injury, emotional and physical abuse. I hope to see the success of this project in my everyday work. Welcome to the UK.

A noble aim? Many seem to agree. Says Harris:

“It’s a very common-sense, simple approach to a serious problem,’ the 57-year-old told me. If you are going to pay a woman not to abuse a child, this is the best £200 you can spend. Money is a great motivator for these addicts.

“These women made a conscious choice at one point in their lives to do drugs; these babies did not get offered that choice. Nobody has the right to force their drug addiction on an innocent child.”

Is a life born to a drug addict a good one? But what next? First the drugs addicts are stymied. Then the Celtic fans.  Then the blacks. Then the smokers. Then the…

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