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Naphyrone Is New Meow Meow, Say Kidz

by | 24th, May 2010

MEOW meow, aka mephadrone, is banned. The Sun is to think to banning the “killer party drug”, which has been linked to deaths in the media and frontline politics, but not proven to have caused any.

Health Alert: Jedward’s Shake And Vac Does Not Contain Mephedrone

Now the Sun says the drugs market has been “flooded with potentially lethal replacements – all of them LEGAL”. First up: naphyrone.

Thanks to the Sun, eh, readers?

Nick Francis is amazed that teens and youths unable to get a high from meow meow – and unable to afford fags, cognac and pure cocaine – have looked for new legal fixes. You can buy it Online it’s £20 for two grammes. Do your research.

In a London out, we a privy to a deal going down with “James”. For £30 you get two grammes. Well, you do if you’re hack looking for a story.

Online, NRG-1 is sold as a “pond cleaner”, and is even cheaper than when bought in person from dealers such as James.

It is all just so amazingly, head-f***ingly incredible that kids are looking to get off their faces. Had it not been for Nick Francis surfing the web and popping into head shops, we might never have realised. Something must be done!

Home Office Minister James Brokenshire said last night: “Action to address the issue of emerging legal highs coming on to the market is a priority for the Government.”

Who needs drugs when you can giggle at lines that that one..?

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