Anorak News | Chanelle Hayes And Jack Tweed Interview: And Baby Makes 2

Chanelle Hayes And Jack Tweed Interview: And Baby Makes 2

by | 25th, May 2010

JACK Tweed and Chantelle Hayes are “The World’s Most Shocking Celebrity Couple”. Yes, they are a celebrity couple, but are they shocking? Anorak took the OK! cover to the streets and asked people if they were shocked that a jobbing Mr Jade Goody and a Big Brother strumpet were together?

Big Brother: Victoria Beckham Lookalike Chanelle Hayes Overdoses

The most popular words offered in reply were:

“Who?”; “No”; “Osama bin Laden is shagging Ronan Keating?!”; “Couple of what?”; “Ok, £50 quid and I’ll give you a signed photo Prince Andrew in his panties”; and “Why read OK! when you can read Anorak?” (shucks, thanks).

Jack is pictured with his hand resting on Chantelle’s rounded tum-tum. She’s pregnant by a footballer called Matt Bates. Chantelle and Jack are “two troubled souls with heartbreaking stories looking for happiness”. And if in the journey they can score a few pages in OK!, then so much the more magical.

Big Brother’s Chanelle Hayes

Chanelle Hayes’ Phone Sex Alternative

Jack says that Chanelle being pregnant when they first hooked up did not put him off. Says he: “I love kids.”

Chanelle Hayes Wants It But Doesn’t Have It

And they aren’t shagging each other. Says Chanelle:

“You don’t have to be on top of each other all the time to have good time.”

Indeed. There are any number of positions (3, to be exact). Says CH:

“Just think of all the people who wait until after they’re married to have sex.”

Married? Says Jack, now pictured with Chanelle straddling his crotch:

“She’s a great kisser, though, and when you do feel a bit saucy you can always find some way of helping yourself.”

Win A Date With Big Brother’s Chanelle Hayes

Has Jack mistaken OK! for its sister organ, Chanelle X, sorry Channel X? Anyhow Chanelle is expecting in July. OK! wants to know if Jack will play a part in the child’s life. Says she:

“We have spoken about it, it’s a long way away.”

So says he in the June 1 issue.

Big Brother’s Chanelle Stalks Victoria Beckham

No Los: David Beckham Scores With Big Brother’s Chanelle Hayes


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Former contestant Chanelle Hayes during the final of Big Brother at Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire.

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