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TV Reporter Get Lots Of Parking Tickets As Real Life Invades

by | 27th, May 2010

KTLA’s Gayle Anderson understands that things on the telly are not necessarily better than things in real life. Anderson is presenting a car feature in Santa Monica and lovely Rita is in turn presenting each car with a ticket to the show.

Because it’s on the telly, it can’t be real life – it has to be better. You can be robbing a bank to illustrate the lax security at a local branch, and so long as it is on the telly the cops will stand by and watch. Some will grin and shout “Hiya, a. Look, I made it. I’m a movie star, ma.

Back in the studio, the hard-faced woman wearing surgical scrubs yammers on about the parking attendant “not understanding” that this is telly. She understands. And she does not care. The presenter should think herself lucky she wasn’t nicked for filming an officer without permission.

From the studio circling planet Earth, the shrill blonde asks:

“Are you getting a ticket for each one of the cars?”

And the viewers at home begin to realise that TV peoples are not the real people – they are the unreal people. And they should be feared….

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