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Before iPad And Apple A Pictorial History Of Computers

by | 31st, May 2010

BEFORE the iPad and apple made computing into a thing for posers and the superficial, the machines were going to save the world. They would feed penguins. They would mow the lawn. They would launch rockets and play chess. Remember Commodore Computers and the ZX Spectrum? We do. We’ve put together an archive of pictures of how computers used to be sold to the masses. It’s was high-tech boffinry. It as in black and white…


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International chess master Jon Speelman, the 1978 British champion, did some hard thinking in a match with a new electronic opponent, the £279 Sargon 2.5 chess computer. Jon Speelman was one of only 2 players (the other was ex-Welsh national champion Manny Rayner) who beat the computer on the fifth of it's seven levels of difficulty. Jon persuaded it to resign after 40 moves.

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