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Stephen Griffiths: The Crossbow Cannibal’s Dream And Nine ‘Dead’ Women

by | 1st, June 2010

STEPHEN Griffiths – the Crossbow Cannibal: Only one front page leads with Stephen Griffiths, the Crossbow Cannibal who despite the name has been linked to the undigested remains found of one Suzanne Blamires. He is also accused of killing Shelley Armitage and Susan Rushworth.

The Sun (front page):  Crossbow Killer: I live in ‘monster mansion’”

The Addams Family…

“He dreamed of stretch in UK’s toughest prison”

It’s HMP Wakefield.

A prison insider revealed: “He said he used to look up at the high walls and bars over the windows and think what it would be like to be inside.

Griffiths said the last time he walked around the jail was about three weeks before he was arrested. He said he had a sort of vision that he would be locked up in Wakefield very soon.”

They are a little spooky, The Addams….

“Griffiths treated the situation like he was gathering information for his PhD. He was asking questions about procedure and seemed fascinated by the day-to-day workings of the prison.”

Much like you. But what else do we know about the man?

The Daily Star has been talking to prostitutes who knew Griffiths:

One, aged 35, said she was stunned when Griffiths gave his name in court as “The Crossbow Cannibal”.

 Yeah. We prefer “The Runt”.

She said: “He was like a brother to me for years. He fed me, washed my clothes and took me in when I had nowhere to go. He even offered to protect me while I was out on the streets. He told me I’d do much better business if I went with him to Sheffield, Barnsley and Doncaster. He said he went regularly to red-light districts down there and there was more cash to be made than in Bradford. He offered to take me there and keep an eye on me while I was with punters.”

And this might be relevant because:

Daily Mirror: “Bradford vice girl murders: Two unsolved killings are probed – Exclusive”

Files were requested that might help solve the Sheffield murders of Michaela Hague, 25, in 2001 and Dawn Shields, 19, in 1994

This is routine stuff. But when s man is accused of killing more than one woman, the media loves to make it worse. The women are prostitutes first and numbers second.

Telegraph: “Bradford murders: detectives questioned Stephen Griffiths over fourth dead prostitute”

Or fourth dead woman, as you might want to call it.

Rebecca Hall was 19 when she was battered to death in Bradford in April 2001 and her body was found dumped in an alley two weeks later. Nobody has ever been arrested in relation to the killing. Yesterday, Angela Hall, 56, said that police had questioned Stephen Griffiths about her daughter’s case.

Well, yes. It’s routine. Any more?

Two other unsolved investigations include the disappearance of Gemma Simpson, 23, in Bradford in 2000, and Yvonne Fitt, who went missing in the city in January 1992.

Police searching for Claudia Lawrence, 36, the York University chef who went missing last year, are also set to explore any potential link

Stephen Griffiths has yet to be found guilty to anything. But while we wait for the verdict, let’s see how much more horrific it can get?


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