Anorak News | Rich Man Sinks Helicopter Looking For Stolen Yacht

Rich Man Sinks Helicopter Looking For Stolen Yacht

by | 2nd, June 2010

HEARD the one about the boat owner who had his £150,00 gin-palace nicked (allegedly) overnight by a holidaymaker at a nearby camp-site and then crashed his $345,000 helicopter in a Scottish loch when looking for it? He had to swim for his life as the chopper sank?


It’s hard to tell whether to hope the boat/helicopter owner was banker and deserved everything he got for such an ostentatious display of wealth, triumph at youth’s ability to constantly create a chain of events which end in catastrophe or be shamed by the depths of criminality the demon booze (allegedly) can create.

Which ever way you read it, the unnamed owner, who escaped with minor cuts to his face and managed to swim ashore, looks be as rich as Croesus and the 20 year Loch Long camp-site holidaymaker (who had already been reported missing) looks to be about to have a longer holiday inside a Scottish jail. It is rumoured they are not holiday camps.

Someone on the loch side reported a drifting luxury motor boat and a man was found asleep inside vessel. The boat was towed back to shore.

The 20-year-old was arrested over the alleged theft of a boat, along with another 25-year-old man.

The court case is sure to be well covered.


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