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Man Banned From All Funerals For Stealing The Buffets

by | 3rd, June 2010

DANNY Langstraat, a director of Harbour City Funeral Home in Wellington, has banned a man from attending funerals. The interloper was arriving at up to four funerals a week and taking away doggy bags of food.

Says Mr Langstraat to the Dominion-Post newspaper:

“He was showing up to funeral after funeral and, without a doubt, he didn’t know the deceased. We saw him three or four times a week. Certainly, he had a backpack with some Tupperware containers so, when people weren’t looking, he was stocking up.”

The man is in his 40s, well dressed and described as “quiet and polite”.

You wonder hat his crime was? Time, perhaps, to hire himself out as professional funeral hopper. RIP, dad you were a miserable bastard with no mates but imagine our shock when hundreds of secret pals arrived for your send off. PS – arrive early and go for the salmon.

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