Anorak News | Derrick Bird: Taxi Driver Don Reed Shows His Wounds (Photos)

Derrick Bird: Taxi Driver Don Reed Shows His Wounds (Photos)

by | 3rd, June 2010

DERRICK Bird is dead. He murdered 12 people. (No, not 13. Hold your horses, tabolid ghouls.) Today, police traffic cones mark the spots on the pavement and the grass where bodies once lay. The horror has gone. A stain remains. Anorak will bring you the case in pictures. As with all mass killings, it is only when an individual is focused on that any sense can be made of it. The number is meaningless to an outsider, a figure the tabloids can’t even agree upon. Today, we saw Whitehaven taxi driver Don Reed show off his wounds. He was shot and injured by Derrick Bird. The coming days will see more cases. And they will strike cord. It’s going to get emotive…

Say Mr Reed:

“He then drove up by me, pointed it at me and I just took a dive and he went at me. He shot me in the back. I’m an ex-soldier so it all kicked in. I started crawling on my hands and knees…My head’s a mess. I’ve had half a bottle of whisky tonight.”

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File photo dated 08/06/10 of a general view of gunman Derrick Bird's house on Rowrah Road in Rowrah, near Whitehaven, which has been boarded up.

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