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Derrick Bird: The Victims’ Stories In Pictures

by | 3rd, June 2010

DERRICK Bird: It’s no longer about Derrick Bird, the man who killed 12 people and maimed many more. Derrick Bird is out of it. He killed himself. End of story. It’s about the ones left behind. It’s about the ones grieving. The story is about them. Their loved ones popped out and never came back.

Do we stare at them as they grieve? The media wants us to look. And we look. It’s all the media has. Look. Look. Look.

The criminal case is a prolixic and costly non event. Forget it. Give the money spent on that to the survivors. The talk of gun control is a heated debate that will lead to nothing.

Best, perhaps, to look at the victims. Think of each life lost. Each a story. It’s not the number dead – a figure that reduces the victims and makes the killer the star. It’s the people…


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Whitehaven taxi driver Don Reed who was shot and injured by Derrick Bird who went on a shooting rampage in Cumbria, killing 12 people.

The Victims:

David Bird: Derrick Bird’s first victim was his twin brother.
Jamie Clark: A 23-year-old estate agent driving through Seascale.
Kevin Commons: The solicitor had represented the Bird family.
Isaac Dixon: Part-time mole catcher shot dead as he talks with a farmer.
Kenneth Fishburn: Murdered on the old bridge in Egremont.
Susan Hughes: Murdered walking home from the shops.
Jennifer Jackson: Murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
James Jackson: Killed looking for his wife, who’d been shot.
Garry Purdham: Father of two young children murdered at point blank range as he worked in a field in Gosforth.
Michael Pike: Riding a bicycle when shot dead
Darren Rewcastle: Working as a cabbie when shot.
Jane Robinson
: Murdered as she delivered shopping catalogues.

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