Anorak News | Derrick Bird: The Evil Twin Theory (Pictures)

Derrick Bird: The Evil Twin Theory (Pictures)

by | 4th, June 2010

DERRICK BIRD: Anorak’s look at the Cumbrian killer in the news – the will, the tax bill, the Devil, David Bird’s evil twin (David Bird pictured), never knowing and guns kill…

The Sun (front page): “PSYCHO CABBIE FLIPPED OVER £100 TAX BILL”

No, not flipped his home like, say, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling who flipped his home four times. No, – get his – the man who shot 12 people dead went nuts. And the sun says he did so because he got a tax bill. Time to blame the State.
He was facing a bill for more than £100,000 after dodging income tax for decades.

Derrick Bird: The Victims’ Stories In Pictures

Says David Cameron:

Mr Cameron said: “Of course we have to do everything we can to stop these dreadful events. But you can’t legislate to stop a switch flicking in someone’s head and for this dreadful sort of action to take place.”

You could ban all guns of any kind?

So. Derrick Bird did it over a tax bill. Or as the Express leads with:

Row over dad’s will led cabbie to kill 12 – FAMILY FEUD FED HIS HATE

Daily Express Readers Invited To Give Facebook Thumbs Up To Derrick Bird Massacre

The Telegraph hears someone who knew both brothers say:

Derrick had a “lingering jealousy” for his twin, the friend said. David “had done better financially, but more importantly was well liked”.


David Bird’s family last night issued a statement denying a “family feud”. They said: “Our dad’s only downfall was to try to help his brother.”

The Irish Independent says it was a “Tragedy waiting to happen”, blaming bad timing and fate.

The Mail (front page): “Charity workers, country estate agent. Solicitor. Retired couple. Just some of the ordinary peoples going about their lives when Derrick Bird picked up his guns…”

Ordinary peoples billed by their jobs? The Mail looks at the list of the dead and wonders like the bore at the dinner party, “So. What did you do?”

Daily Star (front page): “KILLER’S HIT-LIST OF HATE”

The Star says Derrick Bird drew up a list of those he wanted to hurt over 20 years.

The Mirror looks at Derrick Bird’s sons, Graeme and Jamie. Or is it Graham? The press are unsure. Yesterday, We saw Graeme dressed in a revolting pink T-shirt and bad shorts leaving his mum Linda Mills’ house. Today the Mirror puts words in he and his brother Jamie’s mouths:


This is the “agonty of Cabbie’s sons”

What impact on the rest of the world. The Mirror comes up with this bit of nonsense:

Harlequins’ Sunday game with Crusaders will go ahead – despite skipper Rob Purdham, 30, being given compassionate leave following the death of his older brother.

Would a game be called off because a player’s brother has been killed?

But, then, this is the Mirror which labels Bird a “reviled mass-murderer”. And you thought he was loved.

The Mirror then calls him “Evil Bird”.

He did not flip. He was possessed by the Devil. Is that why he did it?

The Express has more:

Like every other rage killer Derrick bird was a time bomb. Outwardly he was a mild mannered, 52-year-old socially awkward taxi driver. But his very ordinariness was just a disguise.

But why did he do it, Kevin Tooleis, “crime expert”?

The key element in all rage killings is access to weaponry.

How’s that for insight? The fact are building. And the aslt word is with the cops:

“My officers and I are absolutely determined to get to the bottom of why this happened,” said Det Ch Supt Iain Goulding. “However, it may not be possible to establish all the answers because we cannot speak to Derrick Bird.”

Time for the psychics, then:

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Whitehaven taxi driver Don Reed who was shot and injured by Derrick Bird who went on a shooting rampage in Cumbria, killing 12 people.

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