Anorak News | Those Media Scores: Derrick Griffiths (Taxi Terminator) 12 – Stephen Griffiths (Crossbow Cannibal) 3 (Maybe)

Those Media Scores: Derrick Griffiths (Taxi Terminator) 12 – Stephen Griffiths (Crossbow Cannibal) 3 (Maybe)

by | 5th, June 2010

STEPHEN Griffiths: The Crossbow Cannibal has been wiped off the news pages by Derrick Bird. This is because the media loves numbers and whereas Griffiths killed prostitutes, Bird killed pensioners and cabbies. And he killed more of them.

The Mail treats the whole thing like a dinner party at the golf club, as the hacks tip over the dead bodies and ask, “So, what did you do?”

What reports there are on Griffiths are sparse and perfunctory. The Doncaster Free Press tells readers:

Police will review unsolved suspicious deaths in the area as a matter of routine after Stephen Griffiths was charged with three murders in Bradford.

Derrick Bird murderd 12 people. The Star has labelled him the Taxi Terminator. Griffiths has been accused of killing three women. The media aches for it to be more. But he’ll need to go some to beat Bird.

The media body count is on nine. Not too shabby. But a voricaous media demands the top score wins all.

If Griffiths makes 12 then we go to the tie-breaker:

In 12 words or less say why prostitutes are worth less than pensioners…

In the media, a dead prostitute is worth 1 point; a pensioner 2 points – if they survived the war, it’s 2.5; a child – 3 points; anythign in Israel – 5 points; and a dead celebrity gets a whopping 10 points.

Meanwhile, the media is looking at Derrick Bird’s murderous spree and wondering why he did it? But because he’s dead, we will never know for sure. And he might have done it because – get this – he just wanted to.


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