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Derrick Bird: Hon The Thai Bride And More Steven Seagal

by | 7th, June 2010

DERRICK Bird: Hon the Thai prostitute; how fatness made him do it; another Thai girl called On; the sons speak; mother Mary; Pattaya guns; Neil Jacques and more victims…

Want to know why Derek Bird did it? Today, the press is focused on a Thai girl called Hon. Or is it On? She worked as a prostitute in Thailand where Bird holidayed.

The Mirror’s Brian Roberts yells:


We learn that bird sent money to 32-year-old Hon. A few weeks ago he wired her £1,000. He was “besotted”. She then asked him not to contact her any more. So. Murdering 12 people was a crime of passion?

A friend, too afraid to be named, believes being dumped could have been a factor in tipping Bird, 52 – who already held grudges against his brother, solicitor and fellow cabbies – over the edge.

Too afraid to be named? Why afraid? And afraid of what – the media intrusion into his private life?

Bird is said to have met Hon in 2007. He was on holiday in Pattaya. Terry Kennedy tells all:

Terry, 52, who was injured by Bird on Wednesday, told our sister paper The People: “Derrick’s been single since I’ve known him and he did what any other single guy would do out there.

“He chatted to girls in the bars, bought them drinks, took a couple back to the hotel, nothing outrageous. I knew Derrick liked the lass so I told him to go for it – he had nothing to lose.”

More on Hon in the Sun:

Three years ago Bird fell for a 32-year-old hooker called On at the Kennel bar, not far from the Spicy Girls-A-Go-Go bar run by Chris, 45.

The Honourable Hon On was 32 three years ago and is still 32. Such are the facts. The Mail sums up:

The overweight and balding 52-year-old was obsessed with the woman he knew only as ‘Hon’ and had sent her thousands of pounds.

He did it because he was fat and balding?

Chris Bulmer runs the club in Thailand:

“Derrick was always very quiet in the go-go bar I ran, but Terry was the life and soul of the party. The night after Terry took him shooting, Derrick was like a different person.”

Bird had been to the Pattaya Shooting Club:

“He was wide-eyed and chattering away like I’d never seen him before about firing all these guns. He was talking about how loud the bangs were and the recoils that you got from them…After that, every time he came over he went shooting. You knew when he’d been because it was the only time he had a buzz.”

Anyhow, we can all agree that Bird met Hon On in 2007 and before that he was fine. Or as the Express says:


Yesterday prostitute Karen Lewis, 47, told how the gun fanatic had left her “fearing for her life” following their encounter.”

In 2005:

“He spoke of hating his brother, of being so much in debt he couldn’t crawl out of it. He said he hated his mother. He didn’t like the people where he lived. He said when he shoots them he’d know which ones to do because there were people in the village that he absolutely couldn’t stand.”


“I did think about talking to the police but I thought he did not mean it... I’ve had weird stuff from all kinds of freaks”

Call the police.

Daily Mail (front page): “I FEARED MY SON WOULD GUN ME DOWN”

Derrick Bird’s mother believed he would murder her too when she learnt of his gun rampage on TV. Mary, 85, saw a picture of her son on the lunchtime news with a report that he was on the loose after killing his twin brother David and a string of other victims.

Fearing they might also be on Bird’s hitlist, she and her daughter-in-law went into ‘lockdown’, to secure the house.

The Daily Star was right to call him the Taxi Terminator:

Derrick Bird taunted a teacher with the words “have a nice day” – then shot her in the face. Samantha Christie was taking a photograph and was only spared death because her camera took most of the impact.

Les Hunter was also shot:

A VICTIM of Derrick Bird told last night how he survived being shot in the head and back. Les Hunter, 59, was out walking when Bird cruised up in his cab beside him.

Bird beckoned him over with the words: “I want yer.” As handyman Les bent over to look inside, Bird shoved the barrel of his shotgun in his face and pulled the trigger. But Les turned away and the pellets ripped into his cheek and ear.

At a memorial in Whitehaven, Cumbria, the Mirror talks to the bereft:

The Indy sees “about 500 people”.

The Mail sees “2,000”

The Mirror zooms in:

Grief-stricken Betty Scoones wipes the tears from her eyes as she stands in silent tribute to her son cruelly gunned down in last week’s massacre.

The 69-year-old and husband Ted, 72, are mourning their son Darren Rewcastle, 43:

Betty later lovingly recalled the last words the son she adopted as a 10-dayold baby said to her. She said: “My Darren put the washing in the machine. He said ‘Don’t forget to peg it out mam, I’ve no more shirts’.”

Should you door-step the grief-stricken?

The Mirror also has news of Neil Jacques and wife Carol, with whom Bird passed the night before his rampage. He was worried about a tax bill – it is claimed he had paid no income tax for 14 years and had been spotted by the Revenue:

Car mechanic Neil said: “He just wasn’t himself. He kept saying ‘I’m going down for a long time’. He would go silent for 15 minutes then repeat it again. He sat, almost catatonic. He was upset, a doomed look.”

And then a telling fact:

They watched Steven Seagal film Exit Wounds in near silence…

Can Seagal be blamed?

Daily Star (front page): “Sorry for our dad’s kill spree”

Derrick Bird: The 13th Victim, Jason Carey, David Crabtree And Police Keystone Witness

Bird’s Sons Graeme and Jamie Bird release a few words:

“We are utterly devastated about the death of our father Derrick Bird. To us, he was the nicest man you could ever meet. He was a loving dad and recently became a grandfather. We would like to say that we do not know why our dad committed these horrific crimes. We are both mortified by these sad events.

“Dad was a loving, cheerful character and was well known throughout the local community and in the area where he worked. He will also be missed by us, his family and his friends. We would also like to send our condolences to the families and people involved in this tragic incident. Our thoughts are with them.”

What about the police? Did they miss the red-light killer?

Mirror: “Did police helicopters spot killer?

Cumbria police’s pursuit of Derrick Bird was in question again yesterday – after the force refused to reveal if helicopters had spotted him. Two RAF choppers were drafted in to track the 52-year-old as well as one from neighbouring Lancashire police.

The Scotsman: ‘Quick’ police response praised

Sir Hugh Orde, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, defended the performances of Cumbrian officers, saying: “The Chief Constable had 40 armed police officers in one of the largest rural areas of the country, they responded very qu ickly.

“And frankly, in the last five days, despite much searching, I’m yet to pick up anyone that said this man had a history we should have foreseen. It was a completely unexpected and unpredictable event and the response, from a police perspective, was very good.

“That’s not to say, of course, there may well be some lessons to be learned; it was a unique event in the history of policing, a 44-mile spree of murder in the space of about 60 minutes.”


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Whitehaven taxi driver Don Reed who was shot and injured by Derrick Bird who went on a shooting rampage in Cumbria, killing 12 people.

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