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Jon Venables: It’s Worse Than That – He’s Fat

by | 8th, June 2010

REMEMBER when Jon Venables was big news – you know, the child killer? It was the run up to the election (remember that?) and the Government wanted to look better than inept? A look around for news throw up little:

The Sun says Venables is getting fat.

CHUBBY Jon Venables has been put on a low-fat diet and exercise regime by jail chiefs. James Bulger’s murderer, 27, has gorged on treats and shunned exercise since being recalled to jail in March over child porn allegations.

Paedo? Okay. Child killer? Yes. But get fat and you will shunned by decent society.

Burton Mail: “We must stick to harsh punishments”

It’s a letter advocating the need for no risk. Really:

Sir David Latham, the UK Parole Board chairman, is on record as saying that the public reaction to cases like the James Bulger murder by Jon Venables is undermining efforts to reduce prison levels and that large numbers of inmates are unnecessary in jail. He claims that the general public is too “risk averse” and should decide what risk it wished to take.
I’m quite sure that I speak for the general public in saying that we prefer to take no risks at all, and that we would like to feel confident that our courts would deliver suitably severe punishments designed to make reoffending undesirable.

Any other news?


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