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Chantelle Tagoe Is The World Cup WAG Of The Week – With Added Orphans

by | 8th, June 2010

CHANTELLE Tagoe. Who she? Well, this Chantelle is a WAG, soon-to-be-wife of Emile Heskey, the big lad up England’s front. And, as OK! says, “she’s more than a privileged clothes horse with time on her hands”.

More? Is there more? Don’t tell us she’s a great shag and loves spa days and walks in the rain as well. Be still our beating hearts.

Chantelle says that she might not see Emile after the World Cup matches because: “If Capello’s formula is working, I don’t want to disrupt it.”

Indeed. The last thing England needs is Emile listening to Chantelle and getting ideas that he wants to play as winger or should be in goal attack.

But it’s not all footy. Chantelle wants to meet some of the children she met last year “When I did a show about HIV orphans”. HIV Orphans 2 would be even better than the original. More pain. More suffering. Bigger yes filled with fatter tears. Says she:

“When people ask me what I do, I don’t know what to say.”

Say you’re a builder. That’s what Emile told her he did for living when they met. She found out he was a footballer but “didn’t think it was real job”.

She says Wags are very “down to earth”. She says he bought a £2,4000 D&G dress as “an investment”. She wants Vivienne Westwood to “do” her wedding dress.

Chantelle is our WAG of The Week.

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