Anorak News | Ban On Cannabis Leads To Creation Of Mephedrone And More Dangerous Drugs: Who Knew?

Ban On Cannabis Leads To Creation Of Mephedrone And More Dangerous Drugs: Who Knew?

by | 9th, June 2010

SO. Sky News heads to China and discovers – shock horror – that the Chinese chemists are creating new compounds to circumvent the ban on mephedrone, aka meow meow.

Laura Main RIP: Abused By Meow Meow And The Tabloids

Meow meow was a drug linked to deaths in the UK. It was never proven than meow meow caused a death on it own, just that people who had died had taken the stuff, along with other uppers and downers – including alcohol and tobacco, those big Government cash crops.

Naphyrone Is New Meow Meow, Say Kidz

Sky meets sellers at Chemchallenger Biotech in Shanghai. They meet with the company’s director, Jacky Wu, who offers to sell and deliver up to 100kg of the drug.

Sky says a new form of chemical cannabis is available”.

Yeah, “chemical cannabis”. Because natural cannabis, that grows like, well, weed, is banned.

MDAI Is The New Mephedrone, With Added Sparkle

Mr Wu “claimed one of them was a new form of chemical cannabis that would also be legal if sold on the street in Britain”.

Pathetic. Why not just allow the UK growers and producers to sell cannabis legally?

Health Alert: Jedward’s Shake And Vac Does Not Contain Mephedrone

Before the ban on mephedrone, some experts warned it would be powerless in the face of Chinese chemical companies who would easily come up with alternative drugs.

Alternative drugs – toxic powders created in the lab – are marketable because the real drugs, some of which grow in the ground, are banned.

Shock. Horror.

Mephedrone Madness: N-Dubz’s Dappy Does GMTV

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