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Lianne Smith: Why No Relatives At Killed Children’s Funeral?

by | 9th, June 2010

LIANNE Smith’s allegedly murdered children Rebecca Smith, five, and brother Daniel, 11 months, have been buried in Spain. The funeral was held in Sant Roma church on the Costa Brava.

Lianne Smith was not there. Neither was Martin Smith, the child’s father, now in jail on charges of sexual abuse.

He’s been attacked in jail:

Inmate Scott Mcguire, 23, said: “I heard a couple of loud bangs. I looked round and an inmate had hit Martin over the head with a snooker cue. There was blood running down his face. He needed stitches.”

No aunts. No uncles. No grandparents. No relatives came.

Says local police head Cesar Martinez:

“We made every effort to contact relatives, but nobody – including the mother – has come.”

Why not?


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Lianne Smith as she is transferred to a prison in Girona, Spain. Smith, 43, was held by police in Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava after Rebecca, five, and her 11-month-old brother Daniel were found dead in a hotel room on Tuesday. According to reports, they had been suffocated.

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