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Grandma Saves Dogs From Fire – Leaves Grandson In Bed

by | 9th, June 2010

GRANDMA Mary Hand’s home is on fire. Her home in Woodway Park, Coventry, is lit up. The 45-year-old leaps into action. She gathers her four greyhounds and dashes from the house – leaving her 11-year-old grandson Curtis upstairs in bed.

Firemen race to the scene. They enter the house and find Curtis. He is saved! Says Mandy:

I can’t get over the fact I left my grandson in bed. He’s visiting from Portsmouth and I was panicking so much trying to get everyone out that I forgot he was in here. I never even checked on him….

“I don’t knew what it was but I just woke up quickly. The room was full of grey smoke and I just panicked. I was in a daze. I ran downstairs where the smoke was thicker and saw the fire in the kitchen. Everything was dusty and the smoke was stinging. It was horrible. It’s devastating to see the damage, absolutely devastating.”


“It was only when we were outside and someone said ‘is there anyone else in there?’ that I remembered him, but on-one could get back in. I stood outside shouting up at the bedroom window and that was when the fire engines arrived.”

Says a fireman:

“It was too hot to bring him down the stairs so we took him out of the window and down a ladder. They are all very lucky to be alive.”

The dogs are recovering well…

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