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London Fox Savages Second Child: Pictures

by | 10th, June 2010

THE fox that mauled twins Lola Koupparis and Isabella Koupparis is “BACK FOR MORE”.

The Fox With No Name is back. A policeman investigating the attack in Hackney, east London, sees a fox near the property.

Fox Attack On Lola Koupparis And Isabella Koupparis: Pictures And Horror


As he walked round the £800,000, three-storey house, he saw the animal – which appears to be a cub – behind some patio doors that it had used to get into the property.

Maybe it’s come back to apologise?

Officers said the young fox was trying to get into the house but fled when they approached.

Round up the usual suspects for collective punishment:

Two foxes have since been caught in cage traps in the garden and destroyed, but it is not known if either was the culprit.

Where did it go? Be afraid!

Lily Jago Briggs was five when she was attacked as she slept one summer evening. Her parents have warned that attacks by foxes are not freak incidents following the mauling of nine-month old twin girls, Isabella and Lola Koupparis in east London last week.

In Nightmare Pictures: The Fox Attack In East London

She was “savaged”!

“She has a very small scar on that shoulder. When an expert said it was an isolated incident I thought, ‘well actually it’s not’.”

So. That’s two incidents. Any more? By the way, anyone been bitten by a dog? And what proof? Brian May, player with Queen, says:

“Fox attacks babies? Sure! And monkeys will fly… out of my butt. Ha ha. And I suppose there is proof?!!!”


And Mrs Koupparis revealed how the animal even tried to make off with one of her babies. She said: “Lola’s face is still bruised and you can see the marks where the fox pulled her towards the bars of the cot but she is doing really well. She’s eating well and doing everything she should be doing.”

Get the fox out of London!


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