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The Greatest Lesbian Kisses On Film: A Gallery

by | 11th, June 2010

THE lesbian kiss is the mainstay of the jobbing starlet making her way in showbiz. The kissers are never lesbians. Hollywood does not like real lesbians. Lesbianism is an orchestrated spectacle. Lesbians are seen but not heard. These girls – all photogenic; all lithe limbed; all young (well, at least one of the coupling is) – are just fooling around. Madonna kisses Britney Spears. Miley Cyrus kisses a dancer, sort of. Young women who are lesbians get a point of reference that says lesbians aren’t real. And the boys and the men get excited. Here’s a gallery of lesbian kisses played out for our entertainment:


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Kylie Minogue and Ana Matrionic at Glastonbury

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